Science —  ongoing research spanning nearly two decades and international collaboration — has led to our powerful core technology platform and OSSIX brand, clinically proven in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide. Our scientific approach is at the heart of our guided bone and tissue regenerative solutions that are transforming dental care.

Learn more about the role of science in our regenerative solutions:

  • GLYMATRIX Technology: the “engine” that powers OSSIX regenerative solutions for GBR & GTR
  • Collagen – An Overview:  the role of the collagen-based processes in the body and the role of sugar cross-linking collagen technologies
  • Clinical Evidence: literature review and summaries of biocompatibility, efficacy, and other important data
  • Clinical Library: over 100 detailed references for scientific research covering GLYMATRIX core technology and OSSIX products
  • Scientific & Educational Partnerships: vital activities for expanding the body of knowledge for GBR & GTR

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