OSSIX® Volumax

Volumizing, Ossifying Collagen Scaffold
Powered by GLYMATRIX® Technology
For Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) procedures

Discover OSSIX® Volumax, an award-winning volumizing collagen scaffold in 2017, that utilizes the clinically proven GLYMATRIX® Technology for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) procedures.

GLYMATRIX® Technology: A Clinical Breakthrough

Powered by GLYMATRIX®, a clinically proven collagen cross-linking technology inspired by the natural glycation process in the human body. This technology employs sugars to cross-link collagen molecules, creating a bio-programmable collagen matrix with customizable physical properties and longevity. GLYMATRIX® is the driving force behind the entire OSSIX® family of regenerative solutions.

Features & Benefits of OSSIX® Volumax

OSSIX® Volumax is a volumizing, multi-layer collagen scaffold:

  • Volumizing Multi-Layer Collagen Scaffold: Thickens and expands when wet, providing excellent handling and easy adaptation to bone surfaces.
  • Ossification Potential: May initiates ossification after one month, contributing to long-term stability and support.
  • Safety and Effectiveness: A safe and effective solution suitable for various applications, ensuring positive effects on soft tissue quality.
  • Enhanced Volume Maintenance: Demonstrates capacity to maintain volume and space under loading, up to approximately 2 mm.
  • Positive Effect on Soft Tissue Quality
  • Handling Variability: Fold or Layer for Extra Volume

OSSIX® Volumax can be effectively employed in various procedures, including:

  • Buccal Bone Loss Correction: Ideal for correcting bone loss in 2nd stage implant surgery.
  • Defect Correction: Addresses dehiscence type defects around implants with ease.
  • Bone Augmentation: Provides extra volume in lateral and vertical bone augmentation procedures.
  • Socket Preservation: Supports socket preservation following any extraction procedure.
  • Soft Tissue Augmentation: Used in one-stage implant procedures to ensure sufficient bone and augment soft tissue in various applications.

Refer to the IFU in the IFU Library for full information on indications and contraindications.

Be Prepared for the Unforeseen
OSSIX® Volumax is suitable for all stages, addressing buccal dehiscence defects in both 1st and 2nd stage implant procedures.  In cases requiring additional volume, the potential ossification (~2 mm thick scaffold) is a key consideration.

In cases where extra volume is required, OSSIX® Volumax can be folded or placed as a double layer.

Ordering Information
OSSIX® Volumax is available in 4 sizes: OSSIX® Volumax 10×12.5 mm, OSSIX® Volumax 15×25 mm, OSSIX® Volumax 25×30 mm, OSSIX® Volumax 10×40 mm. Explore purchasing details in the How to Buy Page.

Additional Resources

*As demonstrated in pre-clinical studies and clinical cases.



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