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OSSIX™ Bone: How it Works

How OSSIX™ Bone Ossifying Collagen Sponge Works for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

How GLYMATRIX® Powers OSSIX® Regenerative Solutions for GBR & GTR

In this video you will also meet our solutions for guided bone and tissue regeneration powered by GLYMATRIX®

OSSIX® Plus Ossifying Resorbable Collagen Dental Membrane

The OSSIX® Plus resorbable membrane is a cross linked collagen dental membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR).

How to Use OSSIX™ Bone for Socket Preservation Following Extraction

Presenting OSSIX™ Bone, a prominent member of the esteemed Dentsply Sirona | Regenerative Solutions family, with FDA clearance and CE Mark certification. Discover the exceptional regenerative capabilities of OSSIX™ Bone that redefine the field of dental solutions.

Case Socket Preservation with OSSIX™ Bone After 2nd Molar Extraction

Witness the live surgery demonstration showcasing the technique of socket preservation without a membrane, highlighting the remarkable benefits of maintaining socket integrity and promoting optimal healing for future dental procedures.

Sub Crestal Sinus Augmentation Combined with OSSIX™ Bone Utilizing Osseodensification

Sub Crestal Sinus Augmentation Utilizing Osseodensification Combined with OSSIX™ Bone by Prof Ziv Mazor - Periodontist.

OSSIX® Products in Maxillary Arch Reconstruction

OSSIX® Plus resorbable barrier membrane, OSSIX® Volumax collagen scaffold and OSSIX™ Bone - bone grafting material. Performed by Prof. Ziv Mazor, Periodontist.

OSSIX™ Bone - Regenerating True Bone the Natural Way!

OSSIX™ Bone is a resorbable sponge-like matrix of hydroxyapatite and collagen cross-linked by sugar.

Mazor Atrophic Maxillary Reconstruction

Witness the power of our innovative approach in transforming this unique and challenging situation, delivering exceptional results that redefine the boundaries of dental excellence.

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