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Actively Expanding the Body of Knowledge for GBR & GTR Is Our Priority

At Datum Dental we proudly foster collaboration on scientific and educational endeavors with organizations around the world. We partner with educators, researchers and clinicians who share common interests in furthering in expanding the body of knowledge of regenerative solutions for dentistry.

Some of the diverse activities have included: a series of hands-on workshops with Merimna Institute in conjunction with the NYU College of Dentistry; a group of young dentists from Mexico joined us for several days of lectures onsite and at a major university, as well as specialized courses for GBR and GTR techniques. In addition, we regularly collaborate with our global partners to sponsor regional lectures, webinars, and workshops, often or CE credit, with local universities and clinics. Also, our Chief Medical Officer and periodontist, Dr Yuval Zubery, DMD, regularly shares his expertise in GBR and GTR techniques in invited hands-on workshops and lectures to clinicians and dental students.

Interested in collaborating on scientific and educational projects that utilize innovative bone and tissue biomaterials to transform the level of patient care?

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