Dental professionals worldwide discuss their clinical experience using OSSIX® regenerative solutions in their practice

  • Dr. Angela Palaiologou Reveals Key Findings about OSSIX™ Bone from San Antonio University Study

    Dive into research as Dr. Angela Palaiologou unveils pivotal results from our latest study at San Antonio University. Discover how OSSIX Bone outperformed composite bovine-derived xenograft material, boasting significantly higher percentages of vital bone with zero residual graft particles. Explore the study on PubMed for a deeper insight:
  • OSSIX Agile™ Introduction video

    OSSIX Agile™ Introduction video - Testimonials of Dr. David Barack, Dr. Rodrigo Neiva and Dr. Dan Butterman
  • OSSIX® Plus Membrane Allows Ease of Handling

    Pliable, easy-to-handle GBR material can make a big difference during grafting procedures - here's why that and other essential features have made the OSSIX® Plus membrane a go-to for Dr. Bach Le, oral and maxillofacial surgeon [First video in a series about OSSIX® Plus]
  • OSSIX Plus Membrane Applications for GBR & GTR

    Dr. Bach Le describes how he's introduced simplicity to large augmentation procedures while ensuring improved soft tissue quality in cases of tissue dehiscence around implants. [Second video in series about OSSIX Plus]
  • What Happens When There is Exposure in Regenerative Procedures?

    While primary closure over a bone graft is most beneficial and what we want to achieve, what happens when there is exposure? Dr. Bach Le shares his insights. [Third video in a series of interviews about OSSIX Plus]
  • Getting Started

    Dr. Bach Le shares his insights on getting started with the OSSIX Plus ossifying collagen membrane. [Fourth in a series about OSSIX Plus]
  • David B Ettinger, MD, DMD at ITI 2017

    Maxillofacial surgeon David B Ettinger, MD, DMD from the USA shares why he has been an OSSIX user for over 10 years
  • Cheers for OSSIX!

    Cheers for OSSIX from some of our partners in the USA

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