Dental professionals worldwide discuss their clinical experience using OSSIX® regenerative solutions in their practice

  • OSSIX® Plus Membrane Allows Ease of Handling

    Pliable, easy-to-handle GBR material can make a big difference during grafting procedures - here's why that and other essential features have made the OSSIX® Plus membrane a go-to for Dr. Bach Le, oral and maxillofacial surgeon [First video in a series about OSSIX® Plus]
  • OSSIX Plus Membrane Applications for GBR & GTR

    Dr. Bach Le describes how he's introduced simplicity to large augmentation procedures while ensuring improved soft tissue quality in cases of tissue dehiscence around implants. [Second video in series about OSSIX Plus]
  • What Happens When There is Exposure in Regenerative Procedures?

    While primary closure over a bone graft is most beneficial and what we want to achieve, what happens when there is exposure? Dr. Bach Le shares his insights. [Third video in a series of interviews about OSSIX Plus]
  • Getting Started

    Dr. Bach Le shares his insights on getting started with the OSSIX Plus ossifying collagen membrane. [Fourth in a series about OSSIX Plus]
  • David B Ettinger, MD, DMD at ITI 2017

    Maxillofacial surgeon David B Ettinger, MD, DMD from the USA shares why he has been an OSSIX user for over 10 years
  • Cheers for OSSIX!

    Cheers for OSSIX from some of our partners in the USA

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